Back in Paraguay now. Got in from the States this morning. Trying to keep myself busy to not fall asleep so I can have a proper one this evening. It was great going back again to the States, but it's even better being back in Paraguay. I had a great time seeing my friends, my family, and being able to share moments and special events; My brother getting into the Army (to be able to go to school), John getting married, going there with Kirby, Frank and Erica having a baby, spending time with Erin, Pierre, Paige and other mutual/second degree friends in New York, meeting up Marie and a new friend Johanne, both coming from Toronto, and randomly seeing Meri in JFK on my way back to Paraguay and her going back to Japan. That was such a blessing. All of them were. A special huge thanks to Mom, Erin, Dennis, and Paige for taking me in. While I am busy keeping myself awake today, and with the inspiration given by Pepe's art and taste... Here are some picked photos from my travels back in the U. S. of A.

Had to go on a secret mission that needs this photo so that I was able to visit and come back.

  The main reason I flew back to visit the U. S. of A.


Congratulations Frank and Erica.

Welcome to the world... The Great Francamilo...

Ben doing great things in Brooklyn.

Serious Chill Session.

With Marie and Johanne at the Apollo. Europeans love Harlem.



First Tattoo. Sex Me.

Marie and I.

Random Encounter with Meri at JFK. A blessing.

Fly back.

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