“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else”

Sometimes you need a lift to do that. Today, I found it in one of the most simplest form. I was teaching the librarian at the high school a typing skills program in the computer. While he was typing away the most redundant letters, words, formations and structures of word, I was thinking or thought of life as to how it relates to the simple tasks. Simple for me, typing, since I have a background of it. But for him, it's something rigorous, something new, that he has not experience yet. It's in the practice of this movement that he types away. Same letter, same words, same actions. But I wondered what was on his mind. Since it was natural to me to type away now, I can step out and divert my mind to something else. Something deeper to what the action is. And I thought of it as in life. You never really know what you're doing, or what you're doing it for, but later in life, it will serve something. That everything has a purpose. It may not be for what you thought it would be, but at some point, one way or another, everything you're learning, as long as you're learning, will have a purpose. Just like him, who was typing away this letters, the whole exercise will have a meaning and a purpose may it not be what he thinks of it would be. It's the application of the experience that we really learn what we have learned. Not the learning process. That was just a glimpse that life have given me today. And I can assure you that I was not on drugs. Just the coffee, the two eggs, some rolls, and with some uncanny attention.

Everything is connected. Everything relates. You just have to pay attention to them. Take the time for it and give it some thoughts. It's the awareness I think, is the most difficult part of it. Being aware of what's happening around you, and how it relates to you, how it affects you, your thoughts, your life, how you make it, yourself.

I also believe that peace comes in small dozes. It's not a big wave that gush above you. It's the small drops in you. That collectively makes a big ball in you. It comes to those who recognize it.

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