the neighbor was playing another song, bachata, franky reyes' "quien eres tu?" it was hitting the spot. then it led me to mocedades' "eres tu". having a spanish jam session in the middle of the afternoon. i heard mocedades from my host brother in training and off the bat, i was hooked. classic spanish music. one of the many great things i've learned from traveling and living abroad is music. really is amazing. it has broaden my horizon and added some more taste in my plate. now every time i hear "eres tu" it just melts me away. i want to say it's telling me something, but i'll just say i'm enjoying this music just to to keep it level and live it up. i did some research and this song made it 2nd in a euro music competition, or something major all over europe in the 70's. no wonder. it's 2010, and it's still great. 

here, give it a listen and also take notice on that line-up! what a bunch of angels...

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