World map that I did at the elementary school here in Santa Rosa.

Made me happy, I stopped and just smiled when I was working on the Paraguayan map beside this world map today when Jose, a kid of 11 years old, who's also been stopping by my house to hang out, told me that him and his buddies and the other kids are playing a game now where one had to locate a country in this map. They were having a hard time figuring out where Germany and Switzerland he said.

Preparation for an HIV/AIDS lecture.

Yesterday, Sandra (right), stopped by my house with Marie, her sister (not in picture). Marie needed some help with a Paraguayan map project at the high school (we worked on it today), drawing and painting it on a wall. Sandra mentioned to me that while I was gone, or just getting back from my vacation, they were asked to do another HIV/AIDS lecture in another high school. She told me that it lasted for 3 hours. It encompasses what HIV/AIDS is, how it works, how to prevent it, etc... and that there was about 50 students there. Just made me smile and really proud of first, them, then our work.


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