Last night was nice. Profe's birthday was a hit. Teamed with 9 dudes, his colleagues from school, a guitar, beers and some singing. I had a great night. The music and the intimacy from these guys are amazing. I respect and appreciate the manly affections that the guys have for each other. It's amazing. The little shindig started at around 9pm then after a couple hours of shooting shit, playing music, and waiting for the meat on the grill, we plowed down the 5 kilos of meat, maybe another kilo of chorizo, mandiocas, and rice. You put nine buzzing folks on a table and they will turn it upside down. That's what we did.

I had this reflection moment last night when I was watching Profe Mauricio play the guitar while singing in Guarani. I was thinking to myself "damn, where else have I've been when I felt like this, having this kind of company, listening and being moved by this music which I can feel the every picking of the guitar, but not so much understanding the lyrics?" Just how the way it felt. I felt great. I think I'm still having the after effects of it. I didn't care if I didn't understand the lyrics that much, but right there and then, I knew I have never felt that way anywhere I've been. Sure every place is different. But something about it stood up. Maybe it was because of the sincerity of it all. I was amazed. From the music to how they are with each other. It was a privilege. The music last night was all about friendships. If not, about something romantic. That's how it went last night with the dudes. I also was asked to translate one song, after it was sang in Guarani, in Tagalog. It went something along the lines, and in english, of "I am now in your doorstep, letting you know how great of a friend you've been.." They have plenty of them in Guarani. Songs about friendships. And it just tells how much people value friends here.

I'm heading to my first youth group meeting in an hour. I have yet to make final planning on how it will go. Introductions, ice breaker, discussions, mapping activity, more discussions, then final words. In that order, maybe more. Hopefully there'd be peeps to show up. We'll see. Maybe I'll write down the result of it later on here. it's time to run for now and get things going.

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