a year ago, i flew down south of the continent of the americas. everything was new then. i was craving to get out, learn, and serve. since then, i've learned a lot, in an out. there's plenty of things, almost 98% of everything was brand new to me. learning every move, every language, every atmosphere. that's what it was like, that's what it has been like this past year.

to this day, it's the same thing. i always seem to find myself in new situations, doing, experiencing, getting through every new aspect of this relationship with this experience. not to say that i haven't gotten use to some things around here. but it's definitely still obvious that each day is a new day. and that's very good. i'm very thankful that i am living and breathing this experience, alive and aware. i've learned a lot from it and i'm sure to be learning more as i continue.

i have this fresh feeling in my heart, and i hope that you, whoever you are who reads this could feel the same way as i'm feeling. it's a great feeling... it feels like you're moving, you're exposed, adjusting every minute, growing.

if you're wondering what and how it feels like, you'll just have to find out. you might not get the same feeling from the same experience, and sure, for everything new, it takes courage. if you want to find out what this feeling is like, if you haven't noticed before but have had something similar, i can only encourage you to take that leap. you never know, you might just learn something new, something fantastic.

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