standing by my door, it's nice to hear the neighbors across the street giggling out loud while i listen and observe the drops of rain. it's raining and i'm running in circles in my box. listening to some soothing music when not watching never ending line up of movies. when it rains, there's no movement in town. yes, i wish to be spending time with friends i've met and lost touch in the past. i think about the great people i've met. and wish i still have them. but this is not the case. life moves on. some people are gone, some people will stay in our life. and now, i have this. this serenity, tranquility, solace here, pure solitude. pure freedom. just imagine. when else can i have this? simply now. a time given to really appreciate what i've had and enjoy and learn on it. go back and think about it. that perhaps the next ones, the great moments, the great people to meet ahead of me, that i could give it a greater meaning. this is definitely a quite time in life, a time of reflection. then continue, move on. it's time to enjoy this instead of looking for something else. it's time to dig deep into it. while it last.

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